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Favorable Freeware

Freeware options worth a try:

Anti-virus: Avira, powerful enough local and long distance eradicate the virus. Feature for free version is only standard. No email protection features, web browsers and other search filtering. Light, items can not resource. Fairly stable, yet never make the system crash.

-Download Manager: Flashget, it is still less in terms of speed when compared to Internet Download Manager (IDM). Pretty good already support download torrent, web grabber. The latest version 3.3 appears to have many improvements, interface redesign experience.

Web development tools-PHP and Python: Eclipse

Java-Web development tools: NetBeans

-Web development tool. NET: Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition

-PHP Framework: CodeIgniter, PHP frameworks are most easily learned and adapted. Completeness of the library is still less than the ZEN Framework or CakePHP. My favorite feature is the cache, good applied to the home page or other pages that have a high visit to boost performance. Again planing to make a tutorial for web use CodeIgniter develop, still looking for ideas:).

-Python web frameworks: Django, fast development web software tool based on Python. A bit complicated for beginners, if compared with PHP. The community is active, features and library quite complete.

-Javascript framework: Dojo toolkit, easy to use and complete. Creating AJAX-based applications become more rapid and simple.

-File compressor / decompress: 7zip, able to read and extract the ISO file on-the-fly without the need to burn to CD / DVD. Protect your data with AES-256 encryt for protection of sensitive files.

-DVD codec and player: K-Lite Mega Codec, complete codecnya, from DVD to OGG format has been supported.

-Virtualization: VirtualBox, learning tools networking and server management. Minimum 1GB memory so that the computer does not crash. Recommend if you're interested in learning Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and other Operating System. Can the practice of simulation file sharing Windows XP OS and Linux with Samba, the PHP-based web development testing or Python, so the simulation can be more scalable applications, learn and administer server security testing prior to application or system is on line.


Not yet had time to write a full review :).

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