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Affiliate Advertising Beside Amazon

Previously been discussed Amazon affiliate advertising. Besides Amazon, a few other affiliate worth a try:

-eBay Partner Network, the registration process a bit complicated and they will ask for your business model. I do not know the fashion business as what they want, perhaps a kind of on line stores or classified ads.I ever sign up for blogs but not accepted :). Email replies from the registration process about 3 days. Replies received did not explain the cause rejection of the application clearly, only saying that this blog business model does not comply with their standards, negh!

-Google Affiliates Network (GAN), you must have been received in Google AdSense if you want to follow this program GAN. With the affiliate model, publisher / owner of the web can choose the desired own advertisers to serve ads on web pages. I have not tried this GAN, still complicated conquer AdSense :).

You must have a web site to apply this affiliate network, I suggest you register at trusted web hosting such as 000webhost or 25% off Website Builders at Go Daddy!.

Most of affiliate advertising model in principle is an ad-based CPA (cost per action). Meant something like this, for example, my blog  display ads iPhone4 from Amazon and the user clicks on the ad, the user will be taken to the Amazon web page, if the user buy the product before, then I will get 15% commission from sales of these iPhone4. This is just an illustration only, each advertiser will have the mechanism, the number of shared commission or other rules are different. Please read the rules of each advertiser prior to registering.

Please give it a try, good luck :).

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