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Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Translation for English reader:
Microsoft SEO Toolkit is a tool for webmasters to analyze its web site. The purpose of this analysis to measure whether its web site is read and indexed properly by search engines. Major search engines that exist today are Google, Bing and Gigablast.

What is an index by search engines? 

The working principle of search engines is like a text browser, he will read the text on web pages. The result of these readings will be stored and prepared (index) in their database systems. Suppose Google read pages that contain the word "computer, networking, linux", then Google will index these pages and recognize that the page contains the word (keyword) "computer, networking, linux". When a user enter a keyword, Google will display the search results one of which is the link

What is the importance index by search engines? 

When users need information, generally they will find on the Internet by using search engines. The better the search engines to index your web page, the higher the ranking of your web pages in search results by search engine, termed by page rank. In order for your web page rank well of course need to be pursued, the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of these optimization efforts using tools such as Microsoft SEO Toolkit and Google Webmaster Tools.

To install Microsoft SEO Toolkit, your computer must be installed . NET Framework version 3.5. If not installed, the installer will detect and will download from the Microsoft server.
The advantages of Microsoft SEO Toolkit one of which is due to be installed on the computer, then the analysis can be used without having to connect to the Internet. Certainly gives flexibility if you have limited Internet access.

Further guidelines can be downloaded here from Google, another article here. We recommend you use a good optimization to improve the page rank as the proper placement of keywords, good page design and use a sitemap. God willing we will discuss more thoroughly in the next article.

Side story ...........................................
You may have to search with search engines and after clicking a search result, it appeared that its web pages contain only links course. This is termed a backdoor links page, which is intended to "pump" popularity on search engines. This is certainly an effort that is not healthy because users would be disappointed and give up coming to the web. So, stay focused with the quality of your web content. Maybe your page rank is not so good, but users who like the content you will come back to visit your web.

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