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Using Python to generate configuration file from Excel data

Here it is example how to generate configuration script, e.g. for Cisco or Ericsson, from excel data file. It require xlrd python module for Excel file reading.

import re
import xlrd

def replace_words(text, word_dic):
    take a text and replace words that match a key in a dictionary with
    the associated value, return the changed text
    rc = re.compile('|'.join(map(re.escape, word_dic)))
    def translate(match):
        return word_dic[]
    return rc.sub(translate, text)

preparing the Excel workbook
workbook = xlrd.open_workbook('Book1.xlsx')
worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_name('Sheet1')
num_rows = worksheet.nrows -1
curr_row = 1

while curr_row < num_rows:
    curr_row += 1
    row = worksheet.row(curr_row)
    seting up the cell
    hostname = row[0].value
    loopback0 = row[1].value
    ip_address = row[2].value
    netmask = row[3].value
    preparing the tamplate
    t = open('Template1.txt')
    tempstr =
    values = {
    seting up the output script name,
    replace the variable in template with data, then write it out ...
    outputfile = hostname + "_CONFIG.txt"
    output = replace_words(tempstr, values)
    fout = open(outputfile, "w")

Example excerpt from Cisco configuration script, note the bold text that will be replace by script:     

version 12.4

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service timestamps log datetime msec

no service password-encryption


hostname [Hostname]

ip cef


interface Loopback0

ip address [Loopback0]


interface GigabitEthernet0/0

ip address [IP_Address] [Netmask]

duplex auto

speed auto


Example data IP

-Book1.xlsx is our database
-Template1.txt is our template

Get exercise file here.

I hope you found it useful :)

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