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Yongnuo YN-468 test shot

Here are some test shots YongNuo YN-468 speedlight on my Nikon D5100 . Generally, this cheap speedlight provide enough accuracy in power and color.
On-camera, 90 degree vertical with bouncer.
The scene is overcast. I set my exposure lower, then add lights directly from speedlight on-camera to pop-up my model. Note that the model is about 15 meter from camera, YN-468 has enough power to luminance the model.
On-camera, direct to subject. See the jealous at background :).

Optical slave capability

Worth to note:
-YN-468 has TTL mode, but I found its often over power, I suggest you to set power compensation to -1EV.
-I strongly suggest you to shot in manual ISO. If your camera is in auto ISO mode, try to set max ISO about 800.
-Set the speedlight about 45-90 degree for  softer light if you put it on-camera. Use the built-in bouncer to soften shadow and eye catch-light effect.

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