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Configuring Huawei RTN 9xx series

Link configuration
Huawei RTN offers simple configuration and maintenance interface. In this example, I show you how to do link (radio interface) configuration.

Data parameter from TND:
Near End Tx freq: 22337.0 GHz.
Far End Tx freq: 23345.0 GHz.
Tx power: 21 dBm.
Modulation: 14 MHz 16QAM.

then, you configure RTN as step follow:
-From main menu tree, click configuration, then Link Configuration, the windows menu will appear.
Example of RTN Link Configuration

Example E-LAN configuration:

-RTN supports hybrid technology, IP-based and TDM (E1/T1). You must configure minimum at least 7 MHz 14QAM (about 21 Mbits/s) to enable IP-based packaged capabilities.

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