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AdSense for Domains: Worth to Try for Park Domain

Park domain is a domain that is already registered but not yet on line. The domain registered in advance so as not taken. Suppose you have a well-known company PT. Forward Backward Prosperous and do not want anyone using the name Then you can register a domain in advance and park (park) the domain of web hosting company before the web site so contrived. His grave if someone uses your company name as an adult website address :).

Generally, web sites that are not ready will display the text under construction, but now that domain park can be used for AdSense for Domains. Making it possible to display AdSense ads, meaning that there is an opportunity to generate revenue.

Ask the web hosting site domain register DNS for DNS to use Google. Namely:

Make sure the domain is redirected to the DNS server to use google to check the nslookup command in DOS.

This example I use a free domain to be registered in the AdSense for Domains. On the dashboard AdSense Ads go into Setup, select the Get Ads, choose AdSense for Domains, select the Add new domain, enter the domain address at the prompt, select language, then click the Add domain.

Newly registered domains will enter the Pending tab. If you already approved AdSense, will go to the Active tab. To edit the design, keywords and the language, click the domain name will enter the editing menu. Setting the design according to taste. Keywords will affect the category of what ads are shown.

Read the full guide here, good luck :).

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