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Google Analytics: Understanding User Behavior in Web

Top landing page dan bounce rate dari setiap halaman.
In-page Analytics:
In-page Analytics, canggih :).

Google Analytics: Understanding the user behavior on web.
Still in the discussion of Google Analytics series, this time will discuss some of the features / terms important to know. From the data displayed, the user behavior on your web site will be analyzed.

Entrance Page: first page is opened the user when visiting a web per session. For example, you visit the blog and the page that opened first is the Home page, then that page is the entrance page. Session is when a user is still open web page, if the user closes the browser / tab or open a web page of other sites on the tab on the web page session ended. If the user back to visit the first page that opens is, then the entrancepage is

Bounce Rate: Bounce is the term for the condition in which the user leaves the web without a browse one page another party after the in the entrance page. It is important to look at bounce rate of your website. The higher the bounce rate means that more users are not interested to browse your web content. There are many factors why the user is not interested to browse your web pages, such content is not appropriate interest, which is not attractive designs and other causes. Blog have a bounce rate is still high, about 15%, well its name is just another web pollution:).

Top Landing Page: entrance page is the page the most frequently visited by users. This home page of this blog is still  its top landing page.

In-page Analytics: My favorite feature, this feature can be seen the percentage of clicks on each link on a page. The higher the percentage means that the higher interest of users on the page.

So first, good luck:).

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