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Internet Mobile Broadband: Flash vs Tri

Looking for an alternative, I interested in Telkomsel Flash unlimited. View subscription price, well Rp. 100ribu for 14 days. Not be bought. I stick with Tri, even slow but not sure:).
Approximately mid-February yesterday, saw the web Telkomsel again for prime promo Flash 50ribu. It cost 50ribu for 300MB a month quota, through the quota restricted 64kbps speed. Pretty tight, because the 3G signal in the area of ​​Bandar Lampung is quite extensive.

Telkomesl Flash speed statistic, bandwidth will be limited up to 64kB/s after fair usage quota
I ever use Super Tri form HCPT (Hutchison CP Telecom, a Hutchison branch in Indonesia) . Tariff is quite economical, Rp. 50k for a month with 1GB data quota (after reach limit, connection will be limited up to 64 kB/s). When I was in Lampung, sometimes received HSDPA. Pretty tight traffic in the can be. After use for a  month,  3G signal is not available anymore, just EDGE. So really slow browsing.
Actually, if Tri have 3G signal network is wide enough, I am more comfortable using Tri. Price is more economical. Options packages are quite varied and still fit a mediocre bag like me. You can surf with only Rp. 25k a month.

Overall, Telkomsel Flash is superior because it was supported better infrastructure. Telkomsel is the largest 3G/HSDPA network and with promo pricing formula for the Internet package broadband, Flash deserve a choice.

O yes, I work in the field of telecommunications, so a bit much to know "inner side" of system operator. Telkomsel I think is still a "giant" in terms of infrastructure compared to other operators.

Highly influenced by the availability of mobile Internet 3G/HSDPA, because 2G/EDGE idealy network for access from mobile phones only and is less satisfactory when used for browsing from the laptop. Mobile broadband internet market is still wide, the trend is also increasing. Friend at work has had an average GSM modem. Instead of the cafe ya mending laptop.Operator must plug the modem in improving the range and quality of 3G networks, customers would feel more at home use its mobile internet products.

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