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Google 2-steps Verification

On the My Account menu you google, there is the Personal Settings> Security> Using 2-step verification. You are requested enter mobile phone number. Make sure enter country Indonesia with Country code +62. Click send, the number of verification code will be sent by SMS. Enter the verification code, if correct will be marked in green checklist. Click next, well this part is important! Code-code will be displayed in the case of an emergency eg your cell phone is lost, blocked numbers, do not get a signal and others. The point is you can not stepped up the HP numbers. Write down or print the code, make sure you store it safely.

With this method, every time you log in to google account and do activities there are asked enter verification code sent to HP. This is great, eg stolen password, the account remains secure because no verification code, some features can not be used.

2-steps such verification is already plural dilayanan Internet Banking. You can log into your bank's Internet Banking to view balances for example, but can not do without the funds transfer transaction verification code. Code verification other than through the SMS, there also are using the token device.

Bank Danamon use SMS method to code verification. If you are customer of Bank Danamon, the ATM is eBangking menu, register mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS receipt and temporary username + password if the registration process was successful. Immediately log in via web https: / /, change the password as you prefer. Minimum of 8 characters. Do not use a password that is easy to guess someone else, such as his own name, wife's name, birthday or any other thing that is predictable (social engineering). Each time you  make transactions, such as funds transfer, you will sent verification code to the phone number listed earlier. BCA and Bank Mandiri Customers can get the token ring in the nearest branch office.

Always make sure the website address that you access is true, beware of cyber crime that uses a typo web site (address with a URL similar to original web and a similar view). Do not hesitate to contact the call center for the information you need.

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