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Postpaid GSM Subscriber: The Forggoten One

I am kartuHALO of Telkomsel users, this is from the office facilities. In addition to also use a prepaid kartuHALO simPATI of operators, this is my number private.
Well, my appeals, which this simPATI more than kartuHALO promotional packages.

In my opinion ...
Mobile operators should encourage customers to prefer using prepaid than postpaid. Post-paid users are generally more loyal, and this advantage for the operator.
Why? Because the operator can reduce the cost of manufacture and hire simcard phone number.
I think for that phone number is not free, it only made ​​free to users for the sale of "fertile".
As far as I know, there is the term "churn rate", rate of GSM number that being inactive.
This is certainly a waste for the operator because there are hidden costs to buy these numbers.

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