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Fitur Sweep Di hotmail

I am free email users from Microsoft's One of features I like is the folder and Sweep, this is similar to features in the 'rule' outlook. So I can categorize email Inbox and Sent Items messages by sender. Very helpful for example I have a few colleagues, and want to find a quick email from them.

Click New folder to create new folder.
Click new folder untuk membuat folder baru
Chose location for new folder, whether it is in root folder or in existing folder.
Pilih lokasi folder, saya sarankan di buat dalam folder Inbox.
Chose mesage you want to move, click Move all from...
Setelah folder, dibuat click Sweep, click Move all from...
Chose folder destination, check Also move future messages.
Pilih folder tujuan, check Also move future messages
Email has been moved, from now any email mesage from  selected address will be moved to its destination.
Email telah dipindahkan. Setiap email yang masuk dari alamat yang dipilh tadi, akan dimasukan ke folder yang dibuat tadi

Hotmail also offer full HTTPS connection. I suggest you activate this feature so your connection to its server more safe.

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