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Tor Browser: Anonimity Internet

If you need more privacy and security while browsing or chating, you may try Tor Browser from It will hide your location, IP Address, Internet behavior etc.

Visualization of the relay network, cool eh?
On, there are some choice to download. Tor Browser is most appropriate for average user. Its easy to use and contain all package to browse Internet safely. Just unpack tarball, then run the program starter(the purple onion icon). Tor Browser actually is a custom Mozilla Firefox portable with local proxy and tor connection relay program. Also included Pidgim for chating.

With this customized Firefox, your private information will be cleared automatically each time you close browser. This is important, for example you access your Internet banking service, to always clear cache data. You may press Ctrl+Shift+Del to manually clear cache data.
You should clear your browser Cookies, Cache each time you log out from your Internet banking service.
Tor also suggest you to not use common search engine, eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, since these search engine will track you Internet behavior (what site you visit, what topic you interested in etc..) while browsing using Tor. Bear in mind: This tool won't protect you 100%. So, you should always be careful on Internet, even if you are using Tor Browser. Please read the manual thoroughly.

Side story.............................................................
As Network Administrator, you may familiar with DNS and Proxy filtering to block your user from inappropriate web site such as social network, adult site etc. Now, by using Tor Browser, your user easily by pass your blocking. Tor has its own network system (tor circuit), so that user will gain free access to any web site they want. Please let me know if you have clue to resolve this problem.

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