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Well, my blog now use their own domain name register the domain.

Services at pretty good, its team is friendly, responsive and know customer if my kind of clueless about computers. It asked more, more explained, more confuse : D.

Originally fitted want to select the hosting, plenty of options yes. But all the same, admit number one:). Well fitting daxa met, ordinary Web plasticity wrote, not crowded sorts of other hosting. Inquired have inquired, the price is more efficient than other hosting. So I try to chat to wonder the same marketing there. Also marketing, definitely super friendly:). Then I try to also chat as part of support, understand, not everyone knows that makes websites. Serviced friendly also, and quite informative explanation, "in plain Indonesia" term.

In relation to very, very limited funds, I only list only domain and hosting at a place free. Helped by friends who understand more about develop web. What a pity, my hosting account suspended and my blog disappeared : (.

You may also try international class web hosting at:

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