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What If Mobile Phone With Modular System

I have Nokia E63. This Old Skool has been accompanying me for about 3 years. And now these my needs: GPS and high resolution camera above 12MP. How to upgrade my Nokia E63? Its easy, buy a new brand cellular phone :).

I wonder if there is a cellular phone with modular system. I mean, I only need to replace the camera module and I get my Nokia E63 with high res 12MP. Or, I only need to replace analog audio amplifier with Yamaha one, and now my Nokia E63 has a better sound quality. Or, add GPS module easily to get GPS capabilty (GPS bluetooth plugin module is not good choice). And this is the main idea, I want upgrade my phone with lower price than buy a new one :). I think this is a good idea, imagine how many used cell phone polluted our Earth. And buyer will save their money too.

Dear reader, if you are a cellular phone engineer, please help me. I want a modular cell phone, I wish my dream come true.

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