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Linux Di Virtualbox: Install SAMBA dengan SWAT

Continuing article Linux on Virtualbox, we will learn how to install configure SAMBA and SWAT (web based configuration tool for SAMBA). Remember , that I put ISO image of CentOS on my hardisk, so I set as following image below:

Preparing CD for installation

Please read article set up IP Address on Linux for detail instructions.
Set Adapter 1 to Host-only Adapter, it will be detected as eth0 on Linux CentOS

To install SAMBA file sharing, mount the ISO image with command:
#mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
Go to package installer directory
#cd /mnt/CentOS
Content of CD, go to CentOS directory that contain package installer.

Check screen capture below hos to install with rpm command:
Samba successfully installed
SWAT successfully installed
 Edit SWAT configuration:
#vi  /etc/xinetd.d/swat
Set disable = no, only_form = (our Windows XP host IP Address)
Open ports on firewall to allowed this service:
Check Samba, insert ports 901 on Other port options.

Our installation and configuration is done, now start SAMBA service:
#/etc/initd.d/smb start

And then start SWAT service:
#/etc/initd.d/xinetd start

Open browser on our Windows XP host, point to (remember that we set this IP on our previous lesson).
Our SWAT is running and ready to use.
On real world service, you should use SWAT for initial process only. Disable this service, if your system has been configured well. Bear in mind: more service more vulnerability.

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