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Tips Chose Web Hosting: A Beginer's Experience :)

Web hoster is a  provider of rental services for network infrastructure servers or web servers, mail servers and FTP servers. Generally, they also provide services for registration of Internet domain names. So for example you want to have a web site with domain name, for example, then you register it on this web hoster. The general term for this is a web hosting business.
In Indonesia has many web hosting companies, from which own  server and insfratucture , until the mere use of the system from another web hosting (reseller).
Some of my suggestions, based on experience using a local web hosting service:

* Find out as much as possible with a web hoster that you will use. Suppose you want to list on, find information about the company. Able to use search engines such as Google or bing the query " hosting reviews." General, webmasters have reviewed the web hoster that they use.
* Make sure the web hoster has a good support to the consumer, this important. Beside technical ability, make sure that the support team responsive  to consumer problems. For example your email is inaccessible, or web site die, but no response from support team.
* If you use shared web site hosting, check whether the web hoster has a facility backup / recovery, facility cache if the web site you have high traffic.
* Compare the price offered by another web hoster. In addition to the data capacity (space quota), consider also, whether they charge on bandwidth used. There is a web hoster who charge a fee if your web site traffic through the quota of data transfer from the package offered.
* We recommend choosing a web hoster that has its own infrastructure. It is rather difficult to check whether they have their own server or just a ride. Generally, in Indonesia, the web hoster has data centers in Cyber ​​Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
* Some web hoster offers a trial  for their services. Try it, it's free :).
* Try to join webmaster forums, asking for opinions to the more experienced.

Web hoster overseas generally offer price / facilities are fantastic. For example, a price of $ 3 you've got a shared hosting unlimited space. But consider also, the cost of such communication you need to contact them to ask for support. Principally , carefully before buying:).

Some International service paid web hosting I affiliate that  worth to try:

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