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Seting IP Address Static In Linux: Make Linux Guest Connect to Windows XP Host

Continuing the previous posts. Learning Linux using VirtualBox with Windows XP as the host. For setting static IP Address in Linux with a text editor vi, I show the steps.

Setting first IP Address VirtualBox Host Adapter.


Langkah-langkah configure network adapter dengan text editir vi:
Periksa status Network adapter dengan command: ifconfig
buka file konfigurasi dengan text editor vi
Masukan parameter seprti gambar diatas. Simpan dan keluar dari vi dengan command: :wq
Restart Network adapter dengan comman:  /etc/init.d/network restart
cek kembali dengan command ifconfig, Network adapter sudah terkonfigurasi
Cek koneksi ke Windows XP dengan command ping
Cek dengan ping di CMD DOS, sudah terkoneksi ke Linux
On Red Hat / CentOS, in addition with a text editor such as above, can also with text mode user interface (TUI) with the command: system-config-networks. Every distro usually has its own way of setting up this IP address. Files and file locations are also typically different. But for settings with a text editor on the same principle. Explore you are willing to learn.

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