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Free web hosting review:
While learning PHP, I usually test script on free web hosting. Good to test the script, there are times when we test the script on the local computer is working fine, but different results when it is uploaded to the server. AJAX-based applications in particular, need to simulate performance if accessed from a remote client browser (via internet).

Some free web hosting are commonly used:

     * unlimited space and cPanel! You also can set the DNS. But you should not use your official domain, just use a free domain such as from His name is also free, just support from the existing forums. You must login to the forum at least once a month. If you do not log in within a month, your account will be forfeited. Login is SSL protected, email address and password will be better protected. Web hosting is my favorite. MySQL already exists with the latest version. There have been Scriptaculous, so if you want to install popular PHP CMS or other software to stay click.
     * Limit space 1.5GB, was sizable for a test script. Forum still less active than SSL Login not yet supported. MySQL and PHP have the latest version. Speed ​​is quite good. There is also a promo for an affiliate to advertise in the web.

Apart from the two favorites above, had also use, just had a couple of times down and speed is rather slow. So I have no use anymore. No free web hosting support python, if there is definitely exciting to learn Django Framerok :). Python applications can be hosted at Google Apps, but complicated, I wait who knows one wants free hosting for python.

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