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Tip Pass Google AdSense Registration

Blog as of 22/03/11 has been fitted with an advertising Google AdSense ads, rather to enrich the atmosphere. Regarding the list of Google Adsense experience, I write here.

Not like AdBrite, Chitika and others advertising networks, AdSense tends fussy, complicated, and even the reason for rejecting the application  uncleared for beginner like me. Suppose you were rejected, the reason is partial refusal, meaning that not all details of the problem on your blog AdSense explain in email notification. If you have time to visit the forum, many are frustrated because they disapproved by AdSense :). I still keep its email, just a memento. In fact, AdSense has given a fairly good guide, maybe because I am clueless about computers.

Some of rejection:

Make sure the domain is propagating well before apply
Example to check DNS propagation

* Difficult site navigation: make sure your website on-line. Suppose you are blogging on  with a custom domain, make sure your domain already well-propagation. In the Microsoft DOS, you can check with nslookup command. Example: nslookup
*Your website should use top level domain (.com, .net, .info etc). You cant use sub level domain, eg. domain from free domain registrar. Register at to get your domain for low price.
* Content is not sufficient: the blog should already contain a minimum content of approximately 20 posts. Every post about 3 paragraphs around 500 characters. Content is very important! Crawler googlebot (google crawler machines) will read your web page and index it as a text browser. Content images, flash and audio will not be legible crawler. If your content is the majority of images, such as collection of photos, give a clear desccription and "alt" given the text that describes your photo. Try to check your web page with webmaster tools from Google or Microsoft to determine the level of legibility by the crawler, is already well indexed by crawlers or not. There is tool  provided  to preview the report, eg html code is valid, not found (File not found 404), or other useful suggestions.
 *Give more attention on you home page. Make sure there is no dead link on your main page!
* Language not supported: My current blog is written in Bahasa Indonesian. When registering with address rejected language is not supported. Then I use a custom domain and accepted for AdSense for Search. Your content must be in language that support by AdSense, please read here.
* Address is unclear, untrue, or not given: wow, this is the time to make annoyed. AdSense reject the application because I type the village name as the address :).  AdSense only accept addresses with a format like image below:

Example filling Application form

I chose the individual account, the name must match the name on your ID card / bank account,  important because you can not edit it later if the application has been approved.
For Indonesian applicant: Consider the example form above, the address bar begins road (Jl. Nama Jalan No. 1 ), without the prefix "Jl." application will be rejected, perhaps this automation in the AdSense system. Other information also adjust the KTP/ID Card. Phone number, eg your GSM number is 0821-1234-5678 then write the code given country, Indonesia code is +62, so 62-821-1234-5678. This number will be contacted google for example you have reached the threshold to get the PIN verification,  I never got a call :).

Although just a fad, I'm pretty happy my curiosity relieved. Ads AdSense advertising now "show up" also on  this blog, feel my blog  like it was real website :).

Good luck!

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