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Linux Di Virtualbox: Remote Management With SSH

In writing the previous Linux IP settings, Windows XP as host OS is already connected to the CentOS as guest OS. This time will be shown simulated remote connection from client to server using SSH (Secure Shell Login). Windowss XP as the client and the CentOS Linux as a server. Generally, for administration management system in * NIX will use the command line.

PuTTY client software to use as a command line terminal. Remote connection in addition to SSH, can also use telnet, rlogin. However we recommend using SSH for encrypted connections. Standard SSH port 22, preferably on the implementation uses another port, eg 2222. Port 22 are being targeted by the program cracker engine.

SSH usualy installed automaticaly during installation procces. To check whether it was installed, type: ssh localhost

To make your Linux guest connect to Windows XP host, please read here. On that post, we set Windows XP host with IP and set Linux guest IP

Masukan IP address dari remote komputer. Untuk simulasi ini IP address dari CentOS Linux di Virtualbox.

Masukan userame dan password
Now we can simulate remote management from our Windows XP host to Linux guest. Fill comment box below for any question or just say hello :)

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