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Google Analytics: Kenali Pengunjung Web Anda

Blog narcissist like may not need to know who the visitors, one wants to read also been lucky:). But if you are the owner of the web seriously as an online store, for example, there is no harm in trying the Google Analytics product. Web hosting facilities already exist that provide Webalizer and awstats, a feature to read the Apache web server statistics. These features are of course read the statistics on the server, while Google Analytics read "behavior" visitors on the web directly from their browser. For example, where visitors come from, which pages a lot of interest, which url link is clicked a lot, how many pages read per visit, how long they are on your website etc.

Analytics addition, other products of Webmaster Tools, Custom Search Engine. These services are used plural professional webmasters. Simply with a Google account, you can access all services. With gmail account or blogspot, you can automatically log in all three services. The term unified system or single sign-on system.Copy and paste the code are obtained, if the blogger code is inserted diwidget HTML / Javascript.

Ok, give it try. Features an advanced one of which features a goal, for example you're promo a product and want a user list in advance to get the promo price of these products. So with Google Analytics set goals, and how much successful these goals.

I also suggest you to visit Google Analtics Education for further reading.

Click Add New Profile to add a domain to be tracked.

Enter your URL carefully
Your Google Analytics code.
Status wiil be available about 24 ours after code installation with green mark icon. Your new domain will be marked with clock icon indicate waiting data.
Example how to install Google Analytics code on Blogspot. On Design go to Page Elements, Add Gadget chose HTML.JavaScript. I put gadget that contain Google Analytics at bottom right.

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