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Ericsson XL QoS Project: A Smart Way to Manage Bandwidth

I am in Ericsson XL Quality of Service (QoS) project for Jabodetabek area. This project will help XL to utilized its 3G network more efficient, avoid cell congestion, thus make its service more reliable to their customers.

XL's network in Jabodetabek is powered by recent Native Ethernet technology by Ericsson ML TN. This equipment support TCP/IP over the air. VLAN, traffic queuing and classification,are supported.

What is QoS?
In simple words: any packet data in the network traffic will be classified, higher class packet data will be prioritized other than lower class. For example, signaling and voice will be treated as top priority, while email/web packet data is lower priority.

This project should finish at the end of June 2012. I hope XL could serve the customers better :).

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