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Info tempat wisata di Bengkulu: Taman Suban Curup

Taman Suban (Suban Park) is located in Curup, about 3 ours from Kota Bengkulu, Bengkulu. It is famous by its natural hot spring baths, and has two waterfalls. I visited this site while having job there.

The waterfall, about 10 meter in height.

Prasasti Batu Menangis (Crying Stone inscription)

The swimming pool, you may chose cold and hot water.
Enjoying durian after visited the park

Curup has many potential sightseeing or tourism destination. Taman Suban just one of other destinations. Tea garden or aggro-tourism could be exposed more intensive by local gov.

If you drive from Bengkulu, you may found Bunga Bangkai (Raflesia Arnoldi flowers). Don't hesitate to stop by and  see one of famous and rare plant and also become Bengkulu mark. Bengkulu often called Bumi Raflesia (Raflesia land).

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