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Info Tempat Wisata di Lombok

Lombok is popular tourist destination behind Bali. This beautiful island not only offers exotic panorama, but also unique traditions, in harmony with nature.
Image worth more than thousand words, so check it out some photos taken by my friend Eko. And yeah, come visit Indonesia :).

Batu Bolong, Senggigi beach.

Cemara beach.

Gili Nanggu beach.

Feeding fish at Gili Meno

Sasak tribe traditional house.

A village view with traditional houses.

Sun bathing at Gili Nanggu beach.

Nyongkolah, kawin lari (elopement) ceremony.

Perang Topat (Topat War), an unique tradition in Lombok.
Side story

Nyongkolan, an elopement tradition.
Sasak tribe, in Nusa Tenggara province, has unique tradition. In their tradition, kidnapping a girl to be married is more “bravery” way rather than asking permission to her parents. By families of women, when day and night there is no news, she was deemed to have been married.

The rule is also very simple. The girl who was abducted should not be taken directly to the man's house, but it should be entrusted to the man’s relative. After a day stay, the relatives of men sent message to the family business as a woman notices that her daughter was kidnapped and is now in an undisclosed location.

Notification that the Sasak people called “nyelabar” committed by man's relatives, but parents should not be to come along. Nyelabar entourage consists of more than five people and required to wear traditional clothes.

The group may not directly come into the family of women, but first ask permission toKliang”(local traditional leader). When it comes, the group is not allowed into the house of the girl. They sat cross-legged on the front page. One of them as emissary, enter the girl house to send notification for marriage to her family.

Hmmm, are you dare enough to do Nyongkolan?  Me? No :).

Images courtesy of Eko Prepes

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