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Review Indonesia Local Ads Network: SITTI

I found this Indonesian online ads network on a local news online. Hmmm, SITTI? Siti who :)?  To fulfill my curiosity, I visited their site
I register and start creating ad slot, you can view below:
When I try change the color code, SITTI disallow me :(. How come? SITTI should provide a way for publisher to chose their own color scheme to match their web design. Using color picker is only make your publisher spend more time, and I never get color that exactly match to my desire!

Very limited ad dimension available. And I can not chose what type of ad I want, text only or image/rich media.

Example SITTI ad code.

Example SITTI on my blog

SITTI is in very beginning stage. It started in November 10 2010, and still in Beta testing. So, its not fair to compare it to others ad networks.

As Indonesian, I'm proud to know that now, there is local online ad network. I believe they have a bright future, if only they take the right path.

Side story
SITTI delivers more accurate ad than AdSense
SITTI claims that its system has better accurateness on contextual ad delivering than Google AdSense on Indonesian language page. Testing result is published here. Since my blog just started deliver SIITI ad today, I can not conclude that their claim is true.

Declaring war head-to-head to Google AdSense
AdSense does not support  Indonesian for AdSense for Content ad, and SITTI only support for Indonesian. Google support Indonesian for AdSense for Search only, do you have similar product? So, in what battle field do you want to open fire to Google, SITTI? You must be spend much money to run your business, so please be serious!

Indonesia Internet is rapidly growth, don't lose your chance
Indonesia Internet user, especially Mobile Broadband Internet, is rapidly growth. Yes, I don't have any valid data :), but I browse more Indonesian sites than English ones. You, SITTI, may do study or research your potential market in depth. Mobile ad platform is a must-have feature for any ad networks today.

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