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Tor Hidden Service: Give Your Server Double Protection

I get a few hits on my posting about Tor Browser. Tor Browser is only a part features from Tor Project.

Tor Hidden service: For example, you have a SSH server as your gateway to access your company network. Script kiddies, automated script or any malware robot will easily found it. And they will  try to crack into your system. You may think "Why should I bother? I have strong password that not shared with anybody else. I have most update software. I am security expert, blah blah blah". Remember, hacking/cracking technique is always evolve, and your knowledge perhaps is not up to date. In my humble opinion, by using Tor hidden service, you get double protection. At least, any automated robot will not found your SSH server, because it seem doesn't exist to them.

I never try this service, but it seem promising. I'd love to hear your opinion , or perhaps your experience use it. Please share it, you may drop a message on comment box below :).

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