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Some online advertising ever appear on this blog, just to enliven the atmosphere. I think the positive thing to try, could at least know how the system works. So far, only to see another serious blog or website. That so the record for me, blogging to keep try to give something useful. If the mere pursuit of online advertising, just a waste of time.

Some advertising focus on the content of the website, some tend to focus on traffic, meant how many web visited and generally expect traffic from the U.S. or Canada.

This is still a favorite of the publishers to be able to participate. It is said that fees from the biggest AdSense. For AdSense for Content provided a margin of about 60% of any revenue the publisher. I do not know exactly how to count, in the Help section of the AdSense own web advertising revenue is stated for the problem can not be ascertained because of many factors in the calculations.

Tend to be complicated registration process, usually rare that once the list is accepted directly. As ever reviewed before, the content of the web becomes the primary reference AdSense. I think this is a good thing, so people blogging or making any other web site can be trying for both technical content (can be seen on the Webmaster guidance section) also, this is important, does not contain adult elements. Loading fastest ads, do not feel inhibited even if the page contains lots of content.

AdBrite ads only to web pages in English with trafffic general of the U.S. or Canada. Perhaps because of that there are some targets Advertising geography of both countries. There is also the location of the advertiser by tergset Asia or Indonesia but there are very few.

Tends to slow access to advertsing their servers, sometimes makes loading a web page disrupted. Better not to the main page of the web, on a more specific pages. Suppose you have a web site clasified ads, view a product detail page, let's say to review the Nokia E63 mobile phones. Descriptions of these products should be written in two languages, Indonesian and English, so ads are shown.

AdBrite has advance feature: publisher may chose any ad to be appeared on his/her web site.  For example, your blog is talking about music review, you may chose ads about music concert, music instrument etc.

ClicksorRegistration process is easy, usually direct accepted. It should be noted, Clicksor also includes advertising  contextual advertising, so it can not be displayed on one page with AdSense.
I tried it on other blogs, the ads that appear generally targeting Indonesia. Horoscope ads are most appeared, perhaps because people here are still happy to heresy :).

Chiitika Advertising is focused on traffic, if not from the U.S. or Canada ad will not appear. Tend to be somewhat long in the loading, but faster than AdBrite. Advertisement most consumer electronics, cell phones and the like.

If you have classified ads web site, or blog about computer/electronic/automotive review, Chitika ads will fit and enrich perfectly into your design. Also it has "collapse" feature, meaning that ad space will be collapsed if there is no ad to be shown, nice! I think, other on-line ads should has this feature. AdSense has feature to fill blank space with color or image, but I prefer Chitika, since its easier to implement.

Chitika is compatible with AdSense, sice its not a contextual advertising. I put a 160x600 ads block on my left sidebar blog .

Above most of the advertising system using a PPC, so the new publisher is paid if visitors click on ads that appear, the price per click varies depending on the advertiser. In this blog there has never been a click, so do not know also how to count :). Don't hesitate  try it, but as I suggest above, blogging for fun and hopefully useful to readers. If the mere pursuit of online advertising, get ready for disappointment only.

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