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CreateTop Navigation Bar Di Blogspot: Easy

In the new blogger template already exists a horizontal bar, the url that is in this section will be formatted into the menubar. Its position right under the section header. When viewed in the Edit HMTL, the format <li> <a> </></ li> </ ul>.

Simply add a Link List widget, and the url to the link list will be formatted into the menubar. On the menu Design>> Page Elements, click Add Gadgets.
Pilih Link List
Simpan dibawah section header
Tambahkan link yang ingin ditampilkan.
Susunan link diatur dengan click tanda panah disamping nama link yang sudah dibuat
Menubar sudah jadi dibuat

To show you posts with categorization, use Labels. The format of this label url http:// <namablog> / search / label / name> label>. Eg want to make a link to posts with label Computer, then on the Link List added a link http:// name> blog> / search / label / Computer.

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